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Giddy-up… NW Express helping Horse Welfare charity with its awareness campaign. 

NW Express was thrilled to be chosen as the delivery experts for the charity, World Horse Welfare’s high profile and exciting campaign called the Invisible Horse sculpture trail. 

The Horse Sculptures 

In total, 14 horse sculptures, designed by Judy Boyt, were produced and 14 renowned artists from across the country individually decorated one each with their artwork telling a specific story of a horse the charity had helped*. All the horses were then exhibited at the world famous 2016 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials in May. 
The sculptures were inspired by the charity’s Invisible Horse initiative that shines a spotlight on horses all around the world whose suffering goes unnoticed or that people simply choose to ignore. (to find out more about the campaign and to see all the horses go to:

NW ‘Pony’ Express help 

For a campaign like this to succeed, aspects like the transportation logistics and reliability are extremely important. The need to repeatedly move the sculptures, carefully package them as well as padding out the vehicles is something that NW Express excel at and one of the reasons why we were asked to help. 
Once the sculptor had produced the master design and the 14 horses, each standing around three feet tall and weighing approximately 25kgs without the concrete base, they had to be carefully transported to the artists. The famous artists were spread right across the country with Judith Stowell, based in Perthshire and Julian Seaman in London. After the sculptures had been decorated they were collected, stored for a short time before being delivered to the Badminton Horse Trials for display during the event. Once the Trials were over, they were collected and stored before their next appointment at the grand opening of the Glenda Spooner Farm which was opened by HRH, The Princess Royal to which we were invited along. Their final journey will be to Sotheby’s, London for auction on 4th November 2016 to raise money for World Horse Welfare. 

"An honour" 

Said NW Express Managing Director Nick Wilkinson, “This was both an honour and a thrill to be asked to help with such a creative and worthwhile cause. We’re used to transporting fragile and valuable cargos but there was certainly an extra pressure on us because of the different transportation needs, the variety of paint finishes which required us to pack them differently and the overall time frame involved. It’s the sort of job we thrive on. We were also very thrilled to be invited to the Badminton event and see all the horses and their fantastic designs finally on public display. All deliveries are important, but because we were involved throughout the whole process there was an added significance and purpose to our help. 
One horses story – what these sculptures were able to highlight 
Horses in World Horse Welfare’s care, as well as those encountered through their international programme and campaigning work were chosen by each artist. Horses just like Bella, who was bought in a pub for a handful of change and then kept in a shelter made out of pallets on a housing estate in Manchester and fed kitchen waste. Her suffering went unnoticed until World Horse Welfare stepped in. Today Bella is safe and well and thanks to their rehoming scheme she has a new life with a family who cherish her. 
All of these clients regularly put their trust in us to get their goods to their destination in one piece, why not let NW Express do the same for you? 


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